Forever And Always

Forever And Always

                                             ---BY      Y.K---

I chose you as a gift  from God
For by knowing Him more
For by receiving the abundance of unfailing love
For the eternal life He gives me

I chose you as a partner of covenant
Together we have been going through good or bad
For the promise He lays upon us
For a day is coming
His everlasting faithfulness being dwelled in our hearts

I chose your face
For four seasons of our marriage
For the strength we have with Him
For the faith we believe in Him

I chose your character
For He had created you even before being born
For my beloved one   
For by never giving up on your dream
I chose your touch
From that moment
He draws our hearts more closely to each other
For submission being given by His commandment
For forgiveness what to learn in my lifetime

I chose your voice
For it being happy, angry, sorrowful and joyful
For by knowing, considering, understanding and cheering
For a real man who loves God

I chose your heart
For precious love is from all Mighty Creator
For by letting us not love in word
neither in tongue
but in deed and in true
For purpose driven life being longing for

I chose you being my Valentine’s
                           Forever and Always                          

Happy Heart Day!

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回复 #2 海外逸士 的帖子

wrong use of the 2 FOR's at the beginning of the 2dn and 3rd sentences in the first stanza, because when FOR is used as a proposition, you can't use another propositional phrase after it.

if CHOSE is past tense, you must use past tense in subsequent verbs. but better you change it into present tense "choose".

"For the strength we have with Him"-----use "from", not "with"

"in true"----in truth, grammatically correct.