Santa Claus

Christmas Eve again!
My annual duties call.
As my reindeer are sick,
How can I go round?

Who got a snowmobile for me?
I never tried that before.
Can a couple of dogs pull that thing?
It looks so heavy, really so heavy.

How stupid are the modern architects:
The houses don't have chimneys.
How can people keep warm inside
Without being choked by the smoke?

No worry about that,
They will survive anyway.
But how can I get in
To distribute the gifts?

Every year I shoulder a heavy bag;
It feels heavier and heavier,
Since I grow older and older----
I really need a revolution.

Okay, from this year on,
I'll get gift certificates
And slip them under the doors;
That makes my work easy.

Thanks a lot,Santa!...
...Looking forward to seeing gift certificates first thing in the morning...

This year in Seattle, there was an anonymous Flower Fairy who sent flowers to people with a note: "Hope these bring a smile to your face!"  Maybe Santa could pull that one next year, huh?  You can just ask the flower shops to do the leg work and give THEM the gift certificates...:-)

Good iead!  But  not  until  I  win  a  big  lottery.