Evan the Wonderful

(I wrote this for my son's end of school year project)

Evan the Wonderful
---Written at a Time When Evan Turns the Significant 11

Evan was born at the University Community Hospital in Tampa, FL on June 3, 1995.

Right at that dramatic moment of Evan's birth,  a loud thunder clapped when he was coming out so his mother did not hear his first cry clearly.  She yelled, “What, what did you say sweet pea?”  That was when Evan let out a cry so loud that it scared his Mom out of her skin.  This is why to this day; Evan still talks so loud, even at times when he is just standing right next to you.  

Well, seriously, Evan had a partial hearing loss when he was little.  He was an easy baby when it comes to sleeping and feeding.  That really gave his Mom a big break after his sister who had a hard time sleeping.   Before his Mom had a chance to sigh that relief, however; she noticed something not quite right with Evan.  While it was a good thing that at age two, Evan was entertaining himself for extended hours just looking at books; his delayed speech was becoming more and more concerning.  Further, Evan often seemed to ignore his parents when his name was called.  Mom took Evan to see the Einstein look-alike doctor who was friendly and reassured Mom that “boys just talk late.”  “But not this late,” Mom mumbled to herself.  

Lucky for Evan, Mom knew an audiologist and got his hearing tested in a sound booth.   Sure enough, Evan was not hearing at all in one ear and had only 20-40% hearing in the other.  Mom took the poor boy back to the friendly pediatrician and showed him the results.  The pediatrician looked at the report and exclaimed:  “Oooh La La!”  Immediately, a tomography test was conducted.  The graph that came out showed that when sound waves hit his ear drums, nothing bounced back and thus the lines were straight and flat instead of wavy.  This suggested that he was not hearing.  The doctor then told the sad Mom that Evan had water in his ears and putting him on antibiotics for six weeks should take care of it. "Don't worry!" the happy-go-lucky doctor said.

Sure enough, Evan was a totally new child after six weeks of antibiotics.  He was now finally responding to his environment.  Evan, however; has still not totally gotten over the “tune you out” habit and at times, it is still hard to get his attention.  We are thankful, however; that Evan’s problem was identified and he has been receiving speech/language therapy since three years old.  We cannot imagine what might have happened had we waited another year.  

Now at home, Evan is a big help.  He is always the first one to open his Mom’s eyes to the amazing world around her.  One day, he exclaimed to his Mom, “The reason why dogs and cats sniff each others’ behinds is because for them, it is a polite way of greeting.”  Immediately in her twisted mind, Mom searched desparately for a way to find the positive side of this information.  Being a smart one, it didn't take her long: "Ah ha, I am so glad you kids don't do that on the playground.  Can you imagine --- a bunch of kids sniffing each other on the playground."  She shook her head. Evan nodded in severe agreement.

Another day, he spent 10 minutes in the ski lift line and on the ski lift explaining to Mom the way atomic power works.  All Mom heard was “atomic …blah, blah, blah…explosion?... blah, blah, blah, etc.”  Lucky for Evan, Mom was able to stay awake (it would not be fun to fall off the ski lift while it is in the air) and managed to look semi intelligent throughout the lecture.  

Evan helps Mom do laundry, unload dish washer, carry grocery, and is responsible for carrying on the conversation with the cashier at the grocery store check out.  Just yesterday, he was informing the cashier at Trader Joe that nowadays, people are experimenting with using soy beans to make ethanol.  The cashier was duly impressed but Mom still had to pay the full amount of money for the grocery.  

Evan is a sweetheart who worships the ground his sister walks on.  His sister is the reason he has come to really understand the meaning of the word “Queen.”  To him, she could do no wrong and if she says it, it must be true.  It is heart warming to hear the conversations between the two of them.  Evan likes to wrestle with Dad sometimes because Dad makes him.  Evan hates it when Dad makes him do Monkey bars but a promise of an ice-cream afterwards works like a charm.  It often turns Dad from foe to friend within a split second.

This year, Evan has taken a more serious attitude towards things like homework and school performance.  This is such a relief to Mom whose arms have grown bulky and muscular from wrestling with him to get him to do homework.  

All in all, Evan is a wonderful kid who has brought great joy to his parents and sister.   We cannot imagine a life without his constant enlightenment.  We love Evan and are very thankful to have him for a son/brother.   
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